Match Info

Outlaw Steel Challenge – Briar Rabbit’s version of the Steel Challenge. 5 stages, 5 various size steel plates per stage, best 3 of 4 runs, Four classes : Open ( center fire, optics or comps.), Not Open (center fire), .22 RF Handgun, & Carbine ( pistol calibers only) , Open & Not Open from the holster , .22 and carbine from low ready.

How fast can you hit 5 targets ? match fee $20, ( $15 for BR members) ,

$5 for re-entry

Long Range Rifle – Our rifle range now goes out to 540 yards, and we are working on expanding it to 620 yards. Four rifle classes: Open , Varmint, Deer Rifle, & AR.

Approx. 40 rounds at various size steel targets at various distances., 16 covered benches , plus prone shooting positions. match fee $15

Two Gun – Shotgun & Handgun ( handgun only if you want ) , various size targets at various pistol range distances. match fee $20

Rattle Battle – Military type rifles at various size steel targets from 75 to 200 yards. Approx. 80 rounds.

Old School Steel – Briar Rabbit’s regular pistol match. Steel and maybe some paper targets at various handgun distances. The stages depend on who ever we can get to set it up and kind of mood they’re in. So the match can go from Mild to Wild. A fun time for sure. match fee $20

USPSA – Standard USPSA rules and requirements. match fee $20