Welcome to Briar Rabbit Ohio Shooting Sports

The 2015 Schedule is up on the site and Facebook. I will be adding it to some other sites in the next few days. We are adding more to the range to make it better for our members and competitors. We are adding USPSA matches this year and new ranges for them. If you have not shot a USPSA match take a look into it.




This will be a one day class. Cost is 100.00 includes lunch and training pistol. If you want to shoot your own pistol you must bring ammo for that weapon. Call the range to sign up.



Attention rifle shooters. The range will be reopened on Wednesday the 29th. We have put a lot of time and work into the range. The range has been straightened out, concrete pad, extended shoot house, 14 new benches and a 10 foot area for prone shooters. Also a stone parking area. Please keep the range clean and pick up your targets when done. Help police the other shooters. The only targets approved for the range are paper, clays and steel. If you see something other than that let us know and we will take care of it.

First Look at the Rifle Range